#Canalpirata #redresiste Sorprendidos: Canadá séptimo país mas “pirata” del mundo, Argentina Nº 1, España ya no aparece.


So, vile pirates of the Internet, have you ever wondered where your fellow criminal brethren call home? Sure you have, and with the release of the RIAA’s latest list of countries marked as the worst for Internet piracy, you can now reach out toward those you choose to keep company with via avatars, torrent sites, forums, etcetera. Or, maybe you’ll be relocating elsewhere should you be one of the more infamous peddlers of illegal material. That’s all personal stuff though.   The interesting thing here is actually the countries listed. You’ve got your obvious China and India and Russia culprits, but the remaining seven in the top 10 that “fail to provide adequate and effective protection for U.S. intellectual property” are essentially out of the blue (and no, the U.S. is not listed, so don’t worry). Here’s the list:   Argentina
Costa Rica
Canada   Yes, Canada, the pristine neighbor to the north, is secretly harboring one of the largest populations of Internet pirates, and sits under the scope of the proverbial RIAA hammer waiting to slog out their heinous ways. It’s not all hockey and health care up there anymore, friends.   Keep an eye set north.
Via www.prefixmag.com



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