#canalpirata #acta Copyright Monopoly Lobby Sues Reputable Spanish Professor DANS For Saying They’re A Monopoly


The Spanish copyright monopoly lobby Promusicae has filed lawsuit against the reputable Spanish professor Enrique Dans for “soiling their honor”, and demand €20,000 in damages.

They are filing lawsuit against Professor Dans for pointing out in passing that the copyright monopoly lobby is just that – a monopoly, using monopolistic practices, something that is well established in dictionaries and even in legislation.

This is so outrageous, I don’t know where to begin. Every time you think the copyright monopoly lobby has sunk as morally low as humanly possible, they come up with new ways to surprise you. They’re actually filing a lawsuit against a professor for stating that they’re using monopolistic practices – when they’re a legislated monopoly? They’re filing a lawsuit with the obvious purpose of inciting fear of criticizing them? This goes right into the list of “worst of the copyright industry”, along with how the copyright industry uses child pornography to induce censorship laws.

Via falkvinge.net



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