#cispa #acta Artists Worldwide, Time To Show Support For Liberties And The Pirate Party – Falkvinge on Infopolicy

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Apparently, some older artists – those who are lucky enough to live off of monopolies from times past rather than actual production or performance – have come out in Germany opposing the Pirate Party there. I know that for every artist opposing monopoly reduction and civil liberties, at least ten artists are in favor of the pirate program. This is a time when we and the German Piratenpartei need visible artistic support.


The copyright monopoly lobby in Sweden tried this stunt, too. They would push forward ten artists in a highly visible op-ed in print media, decrying the portrayed evils of the Swedish Piratpartiet, and on top of that, having the audacity to claim they didn’t oppose us for their own sake, but for “the next generation of artists”. Of course, this was utter hogwash and bullshit, but we needed to show that it was utter hogwash and bullshit. So for every artist the copyright lobby put forward signing such an op-ed, we always responded with an op-ed of our own with at least double the number of artists from just that next generation – or triple or more. The lobby learned its lesson quickly. There was just no way the copyright monopoly lobby could outnumber the pirate support quantitively from the artists’ camp, and this was visible as daylight in the mainstream press.

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