#ACTA #CETA #NetDeclaration #hacksociety in @cnnmoney .@kimdotcom #Megaupload and the twilight of #copyright – Fortune Tech

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Kim Dotcom’s business facilitated more online piracy than the mind can conceive. Yet it might have been legal. How did we get here? Is there any way out?


In a climate-controlled warehouse in Harrisonburg, Va., 1,103 computer servers, each equipped with 24 hard drives, are piled in 120 stacks awaiting a federal judge’s decision about what to do with them. Together, they store more than 25 petabytes (25 million gigabytes) of information. That’s enough space to store 50 Libraries of Congress, 13.3 years of HDTV video, or “approximately half of all the entire written works of mankind, from the beginning of recorded history, in all languages,” according to Carpathia Hosting, the company that owns the hardware.

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