#25S #15M Emergent Culture – A Wonderful New Global Culture is Taking Shape !

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The first Global Citizen: “I am not an Athenian, or a Greek, but a citizen of the world” ~ Socrates.


A new culture that transcends national boundaries, traditional political affiliations, religious beliefs, nationalism, and ethnicity is beginning to make its presence felt around the world. Amidst the ongoing decay of the Current World System a new found vision is coming to light.

People from all walks of life are beginning to recognize that we do indeed have the power to transform the world. We are witnessing the emergence of a Planetary Culture. A Planetary Culture is made up of global citizens in the same way that a regional culture is made up of citizens who identify with the local group and setting.

A global citizen identifies not with a country, nation, or region of the earth, but with the entire earth. Holistically speaking a global citizen may recognize his or her ethnic group, religion or political party, but the ultimate identification is with humanity. A global citizen recognizes the value of cooperation over competition. A global citizen lives in the moment, but factors for the long term consequences of his or her actions upon others and the natural world.

A global citizen asks what is good for me and the planet as whole, while the regional citizen asks what is good for me and my country. Don’t get me wrong what I am saying is simply a broader definition of “act locally think globally”. A near complete list of what characterizes a Planetary Culture is found at bottom of this page.

We have arrived at the moment in history where regionalism and factionalism are giving way to visions of mass collaborative effort. The increasing absurdity of U.S. political rhetoric is a sure sign of the Establishment’s desperation as they begin to sense the accelerating erosion of their political power base. They will have to yank our chains harder and harder to get the same response, but to little avail as we have caught on to their game. But let’s not delude ourselves as the majority are still under their spell, and so we must continue to reach out to the unwary.

We must not be afraid to share the controversial. But we must do it in such a way as to not alienate them. As the deluded hear similar accounts from various sides they will have no choice, but to begin to question their assumptions. We are engaged in a transitional process of indeterminate length, and it is up to the wary to alert the unwary as to what is going on in the world.



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