The copyrights issue in an ironic reality

The truth is that Aaron was in favor of disseminating culture & Knowledge for free and without restrictions, I guess that is why the guys at Internet Archive NGO decided to host the documentary for free and without regional restrictions on their website.

The Director of IA made a vibrant defense of Aaron at a memorial held on the west coast.


The Internet's Own BoySo here’s an excellent example of how this ‘copyrights issue‘ thing works.

Here I am – a notorious pirate, because fuck the entertainment industry, right? – actually attempting to buy digital content. I want to support the creators of the documentary ‘The Internet’s Own Boy’ , because the subject is important to me and I believe the filmmaker should be enabled to spread this information further.

The Wikipedia article on Aaron Swartz is impressive. He is one of the icons of the digital age and a hero to most pirates, so obviously I’m going to want to watch this film about his life.

Ver la entrada original 250 palabras más



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