Copyright Wars: Theft v. Infringement

Muy interesante este articulo en ingles a proposito del #Copyright . Gracias Lexi Alexander(@lexialex) por señalarlo.

Musings from a Native New Yorker

Read time: 5 minutes

Recently my Twitter feed has filled up with this debate, with one side claiming copyright as theft, the other claiming it is infringement. I am writing this piece not to take sides, but to put forth the actual law of the land regarding this debate. A scholar of law, having nearly gone to law school to study Intellectual Property Law, and whose thesis at the undergraduate level was a report on issues with 21st Century Approaches to Intellectual Property, I wanted to provide an non-hysterical academic approach to help people understand this subject.

Editors Note: I do not pirate, nor do I explicitly condone piracy. I own my entire library of music, movies and also pay for my own Netflix and HBO/Showtime subscriptions.

1. Theft or Infringement?

If you’ve rented or bought a DVD in the past 10 years you are probably now familiar with the…

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